Why RAW?

Raw vs Jpeg

Many people are talking about shooting in raw. We shall talk about why raw is better then jpeg.

Many beginner photographers ask the same questions that what benefits does raw format give. Why they need those big raw files rather then light jpeg files. Also jpeg looks a bit more colorful then raw ones. But jpeg is lossy compression many details were loss in jpeg , and also in jpeg color saturation, contrast and stuff is decided automatically but in raw you are in control.

My advice to all the beginner photographers is to start shooting in raw As SOON as possible. Raw contain more information regarding to color, shadows, highlights etc, the post processing is more fun and useful. you can adjust the colors as much you want  ,you can saturate, illuminate and do other stuff. you can adjust the highlights and shadows the way you want.

In other words RAW gives you more control over the photo editing and post processing. Raw is like uncooked food you can not get best of it without putting some effort and making it eatable. Most Dslr’s gives the option of Raw+ which means saving raw and jpeg together, and of-course using more space.



While shooting in raw the tip i can give you is to take a photo just a little under-expose and adjust the exposure and highlights in post-processing in camera raw or any other software. Because recovering shadows and adjusting exposure is very easy in post processing rather then adjusting an over exposed image. you can’t do much with an over exposed picture.

But always try to capture properly exposed picture at first place.

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